Board and Top Team Facilitation

Board and Top Team Facilitation

Post Higgs and Walker, the need for regular and objective Board Reviews has become increasingly important. I work with a number of Boards both to review strengths and gaps and also to create clear recommendations. I use a range of diagnostics, observation and interviewing techniques. With top teams I have had the opportunity to work with a significant number of businesses to help develop top team effectiveness. This can involve development tools such as MBTI, Hogan or ECI and will always be conducted in a supportive and constructive way.

Below are some examples of the Board and Top Team Facilitation work. Do take a further look at the testimonials available on each.

Anabas logo Created workshops for the top team to increase executive effectiveness through increased personal insight and understanding of self and others.
BP logo Engaging behind a common agenda and agreed ways of working globally.
Close Premium Finance logo Worked with executive to agree strategic priorities and address perceived impediments to sustained success.
CRI logo Worked with Chairman to conduct Board Effectiveness Reviews and associated implementation strategies.
J Sainsbury logo Work with new CEO to create a common strategic agenda and ways of working.
Prudential logo Worked with SBU head to create effective team dynamics in a diverse team.
Thomson-Reuters logo Worked with HRD and European Sales Director to build commitment and create effective working practices for working remotely and globally.
Wilkinson logo With new CEO developed engagement strategies and built commitment of the top team to deliver challenging growth agenda and accelerated change programme.


David Royce

Crime Reduction Initiative

"Karen initially worked with us at Board level and immediately gained credibility with the Trustees and Executives for quickly developing an understanding ofour environment, financial and social challenges and providing insightful and pragmatic recommendations for how we might work together more effectively.

We subsequently invited Karen to work with us over an 18 month period during which we needed to change our approach to succession planning, leadership capability and talent management. Karen's high level of personal integrity ensured that we completed the demanding journey from £32m turnover to £55m turnover and also prepared us for the coming five years. She did this with a measured sense of professionalism, integrity and focus, delivering a development programme for the Executive team and separately for subordinate management levels that ensured stability and sustainability and helped increase our profile as employer of choice in the sector."

Tony Moon

Managing Director Experian Integrated Marketing – formerly Marketing Director Orange

"Karen is one of that rare group of indivuduals who combines sharp, practical but innovative thinking and ideas with exceptionally astute inter-personal abilities, enabling her to deliver effectively at senior levels of an organisation. Working with Karen was always very stimulating; she really helps you think outside of your normal perceptual frameworks to improve performance."